Sunday, August 16, 2015

Useless Reporter: Kristen McQueary

After offending Americans nation-wide with her insulting and insensitive suggestion that Chicago would benefit from being hit by Hurricane Katrina, Chicago Tribune Board member Kristin McQueary issued a non-apology in today's Trib.  Highlights:

  • "I used the hurricane as a metaphor for the urgent and dramatic change needed in Chicago."
  • "I wrote what I did ... out of long-standing frustration with Chicago's poorly managed finances."
  • "It's a theme on our editorial page - we see how wasteful spending and inefficient government hurt people."
We love how McQueary's ego is of the sort to require apologies of others but not to be able to issue an authentic one herself.

We also love how McQueary pats herself and the Trib's editorial board on the back for having a "theme" regarding wasteful spending.  However, we wonder why Ms. McQueary (or any other Trib reporter) doesn't actually investigate and report on wasteful spending.  Why has the Trib left the Daley administration alone?  Where's the reporting on oligarch Ken Griffin's racketeering?  Instead, the Trib's Watchdog reporters manipulate pension information in their service of Rahm + Rauner's anti-union, pro-oligarch agenda.

Looks like  John Kass and Ben Joravsky of the Chicago Reader are the only reporters in town with actual investigative stones.


  1. McQueary may be an idiot, but how many hits do you think her offensive piece generated for the Tribune? Their editorial board gave this stupid piece the go ahead for shock journalism. The Reader probably gets less than half the hits for quality journalism.

  2. What an asshole! Also, she bears a striking resemblance to a 13 year old.