Friday, August 7, 2015

Hypocrite Spotlight: Henry Bienen, Effete Union-Hater

Henry Bienen, outgoing CPS Board Member, ex-President of Northwestern and interim head of the Poetry Foundation, recently discussed his thoughts on CPS and the CTU.  In response, WCT turns our spotlight on Henry Bienen:

Bienen's thoughts on CPS during Rahm's 1st term:  "The schools improved, no doubt about it..I can't see that it comes from any lowering of standards in any way."

Chance that Bienen understands the realities of grade/attendance manipulation: 0

Amount of regular CPS teachers spoken to by Bienen while serving on BoE:  0

Opinion of CTU:  "There are very few places that have as good a deal as the CTU."

Assessment of his own wealth: "I'm not that rich."

Value of his 161 E. Chicago Ave. condo:  $1.3 M

Percentage of CPS teachers eligible to collect Social Security: 0

Percentage of retired CPS teachers collecting less than $3,000/month pension: 42%

Percentage of retired CPS teachers collecting less than $2,500/month pension: 27%

Opinion of elected CPS School Board: "Poor idea."

Bald-faced lie:  "I believe in democracy."

Effete false-modest musings on new poetry job: "When I was a freshman at Cornell, my poetry teacher was W. D. Snodgrass, a great poet.  I met my wife in his class...I had lunch with Snodgrass, who was a very wonderful guy, very informal.  He said to me, "Henry, either you have a very complicated ear for poetry, or..." And the 'or' just hung there."

Behavior during CPS Board Meetings:  "When parents would come before the board with questions, he never even made eye contact, like, 'I have to endure these unwashed masses in front of me.'"
-Karen Lewis

Wife Leigh Bienen's job:  Law Professor at Northwestern, special interest in capital punishment reform

Likelihood that Northwestern's Innocence Project sent an innocent man to jail: 100%

Probability that Henry and Leigh Bienen are clueless about life in Chicago: 100%

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