Saturday, August 1, 2015

CPS's Opinion of Parents and Teachers: Idiots

CPS teachers and staff recently received the following email:

"Dear Colleagues,

The first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 8 and we need your help to get the word out.

There are several ways to participate in our Back-to-School campaign, including the annual Bud Billiken Day Parade on Saturday August 8. We want CPS to have a major presence at this event, so please consider volunteering your time for a portion of the day.  Visit to see your options and to register.

You can also support our Back-to-School efforts by phone banking (i.e. calling CPS families to make sure they know when school begins). If you are interested in this option, please email

Finally, you can support our students by helping them start the school year with the classroom supplies they need.  Many children will arrive at school on September 8 without adequate supplies. To purchase school supply kits for these students, or to find out how you can donate supplies to our schools, visit"

CPS teachers and staff also received the following flyer reminding us of free meals provided by CPS:

"LunchStop serves free, healthy meals at 40 outdoor CPS locations!  Any child 1-18 years can receive a free meal every Monday through Friday from June 28th to August 28th (children do not have to be CPS students)."

Although Rahm has claimed that "CPS continues to set new standards of excellence," we disagree.

According to the city, CPS parents are unable to:

  • Independently understand or determine when school begins. 
  • Provide school supplies(which cost less than $10) for their children. 
  • Independently feed their children 

And additionally, according to the city, CPS teachers should:
  • Volunteer their time to provide phone reminders to CPS parents of school start dates
  • Volunteer their money to purchase students' school supplies
  • Ignore the fact that we will start working this fall without a contract, since the city will not negotiate with the CTU
So to sum up, the city clearly believes that CPS parents and teachers are fucking idiots.


  1. In a sanctuary city and a welfare state where welfare parents are rewarded for being irresponsible and where lazy teachers are rewarded with early retirement and big pensions, this is only to be expected.

  2. You didn't get the point of the post. Plus, I'm not sure where you got your info on pensions. CPS teachers get 3200 per month which they pay into if they work 34 years. Not exactly early or big.