Thursday, August 6, 2015

Concede, Teacher Pigs!

In yesterday's Tribune, Forest Claypool laid out what he sees as the two possible solutions to CPS's budget crisis:
1. CPS teachers agree to contribute 7% more salary to pension pick-up (7% pay cut)
2. Chicago imposes another property tax hike
Predictably,  comments posted online reflect the effectiveness of Rauner and Rahm's media campaign against unions, teachers, and public servants in general.  Highlights:
  • "Let the teachers strike.  Fire them and break the union."
  • "What will Rahm and Forest do when Boss Hogg and her CTU minions go beserk and walk out on strike?  Seeing that horde of slovenly-dressed, red-shired, vile-slogan-shouting, money-grubbing teachers may weaken their resolve."
  • "Make the teachers pay 15% and cut their generous benefits."
  • "Let Boss Hogg and her followers run wild downtown - and then have them arrested."
  • "Asking the CTU to make concessions is like asking a pig to back away from the trough."
Interestingly, Chicago has one of the lowest property tax rates in Illinois.  The following percentages reflect average tax rates as a percent of home value:
Illinois as a whole: 2.28%
Chicago: 1.84%
Woodridge: 2.55%
Aurora: 2.65%
Lombard: 2.23%
So perhaps Boss Hogg and her vile minions' reluctance to take a 7% pay cut isn't so ridiculous? Particularly in light of the fact that the money-grubbing teachers are asked by CPS to work for free and buy students' school supplies

Interestingly, Claypool did not mention a financial transaction tax as a solution to CPS's budget crisis. Currently, traders at Chicago's rich-person casinos -- the Board of Trade, the Options Exchange, and the Mercantile Exchange -- pay state taxes that are 0.000014% of the value traded.  In contrast, gamblers at poor-person casinos -- the riverboats -- pay 3.32% per dollar wagered.

But can you imagine Rahm and Rauner asking oligarch Ken Griffin to part with one nickel of his $65M per month take-home pay? Certainly not! Quelle horreur!  

So let's carry on with what everyone is comfortable with:  money-loving teachers and fat pig union bosses need to make some fucking concessions.

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