Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spotlight on Cornholer Extraordinaire: Ken Griffin!

Move over minor cornholers -- WCT's spotlight is on Ken Griffin!

Board of Directors: Chicago Public Education Fund

$ervices provided to CPS by CPEF:  SUPES Academy, REACH, TFA recruitment, University of Chicago Consortium on School Leadership, publication of BBB's strategic action plans, and a vast array of additional tran$formation programs

Gains produced by CPEF programs: pockets of profiteers lined; data manipulated; resumes padded

Major donor: Republican Governors Association

Major donor: Rahm Emmanuel mayoral campaign

Wealth class: Billionaire; Illinois' wealthiest man

Profession: Hedge Funder; founder and CEO of Citadel (global investment firm)

Monthly salary after taxes: $68,000,000

Average Chicago Teacher Pension Fund retiree monthly benefit:  $3,500

Description of Illinois pension benefits: "generous"

Description of CPS:  "criminal"

Wife's opinion of Chicago: "unsophisticated"

Preferred method of wife intimidation:  bedpost

Included in (now) ex-wife's monthly alimony claims: $160,000 for vacation accommodations, $6,000 for groceries, $7,200 for dining, $2,000 for stationary

Percentage of CPS students living in poverty: 83%

Readers, turn to your copy of Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and let's examine if the future is indeed here.  Corporations driving public policy? Check. Loathsome and hypocritical elites insulated from the nuisances of middle-class life, working-class life and poverty? Check. Corporate elites believing that the illusion of democracy is still worth maintaining? Check.  

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