Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chicago: The Fascist Detroit

Republican Senator Mark Kirk issued a dire warning in March: re-elect Rahm or become Detroit! The 40% of registered Chicago voters who voted chose Rahm. 

Chicagoans will be spared the urban blight, bankruptcy, and emergency management that has befallen Detroit, right? Let's see:

Chicago Detroit
Year of first charter school 1997  1994 
Year of first mass school closings 2002  2002 
Current charter enrollment 60,982 58,612
Current public school management Interim CEO Emergency Manager #4
New solution to "fix" schools Turnaround specialist Divide district
Future of public school system ??? ???

Rahm Emanuel's second term is off to such a grand start that an editorial (pay-walled) in Friday's Tribune beats the bankruptcy drums ever-harder and suggests a Mussolini-like turnaround expert to manage the schools. In Chicago education, turnaround is code for privatize.

In order to efficiently dispatch any ounce of public ownership of the schools, one would need a tyrannical, opportunistic, and ideologically dishonest--all various ways Mussolini's rule has been described--to come in as CPS's leader to usher in the new age of anti-democracy.

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