Friday, May 22, 2015

Spotlight on Anne Mueller!

Noble Charters have received some media praise recently for their excellent results in tran$forming the lives of inner-city students and eroding the foundations of public education.  Let's turn the spotlight on their Board of Directors' Community Leader:  Anne Mueller!

Communities served by Mueller:  low-income inner-city Chicago neighborhoods

Community of Mueller's residence:  Wilmette

Percentage of renter-occupied units within nearest Noble community to Mueller: 69%

Value of Mueller's Wilmette home:  $913,164.00

Wilmette public school attended by Mueller's  2 children:  New Trier

Private alternatives to New Trier: North Shore Country Day School

Cost of one year's tuition at North Shore Country Day School:  $28, 350

Charter alternatives to public or private options in Wilmette: 0

Glib statement made by Anne Mueller designed to alleviate the guilt of being wealthy and isolated from the factors causing dysfunction in many regular CPS high schools:  "Some of these charter schools are turning out to be the envy of the North Shore."

Percentage of current Wilmette residents sending their children to Noble Charter schools: 0

Percentage of current Noble Charter students permitted to join the Gay Straight Alliance: 0

Percentage of current Noble Charter students suspended at least once during the school year: 51%

Rock on, Anne Mueller!

All census info easily Googled.

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