Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be Noble

How gallant

It must be wonderful to be Bruce Rauner. Only he could tell us where he gets his vim and vigor, but it must have something to do with his estimated $1B net worth. Oh, and simultaneously profiting from the public school system whilst bankrupting it.

This humble lover of fairs and corn dogs should thank public school teachers and their pension funds for part of his success. As he bragged, "I've invested teachers' pension money, I've done very well...I've taken that money and the No. 1 place I've donated that--millions of dollars..." Readers, guess where that No. 1 place is! If you've guessed alleviating poverty, funding vaccine preventable diseases in the Third World, or creating the first fair with an exclusive focus on corn dogs, guess again. He's donated every last penny to charter proliferation. Finally! A cause the masses can rally around!

Chicago Public Schools has also done their share of donating to the Noble Street network of charter schools, of which Rauner is a part. According to openthebooks.com, in 2014 Noble Street received $69,857,041.00 in funding; however, their banner year in profiteering was 2013 when they raked in $80,732,016.00. Since 2010, Noble Street has received about $277,000,000.00 from CPS coffers.

Rauner's day must run something like this: 1) ensure net worth still intact, 2) reflect on job well done lining own pockets off backs of teachers, and 3) enrich charter cronies with money that could otherwise better existing schools.

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