Monday, August 3, 2015

Math: Not CPS's Strong Suit

CPS and their endless mistakes never let you down, even if you are a prized charter operator within the district:

Charter schools have begun receiving their full first-quarter payments from a cash-strapped CPS, about a week after the district guaranteed just 15 percent.

But a charter school advocate says the schools also were recently told they’d end up with 70 percent less federal money for poor students than they expected due to a “CPS clerical error.”

“That creates a real problem,” said Andrew Broy of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools. “CPS argues it was a clerical error, but we are digging in.”

CPS is not known for their accuracy when it comes to numbers, but what's 70% less funding between friends? Andrew Broy's real problem seems insignificant given that charters have received their full payment and not just the 15% first promised.

CPS spokesman/whipping boy Bill McCaffrey goes into overdrive explaining away another screw-up:

CPS spokesman Bill McCaffrey said that the charters will receive the correct amount of Title I money — $6 million. They were erroneously told they’d get $16 million, adding that Title I money accounts for about one percent of overall annual charter funding.

“CPS recently discovered an error in Title I programmatic allocations to charter schools and immediately took steps to correct this discrepancy,” he said. “Regardless, all CPS schools – both district-run and charter schools will receive more Title I funding this school year than last school year, and we will continue to work with charter schools to minimize any impact on their budgets.”

CPS takes the time to pay lip service to charters by providing a nonsense explanation, while everyone else in CPS gets to wait and wonder just how schools will be funded for the year.

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  1. I wouldn't call getting their full first quarter payment getting the shaft. They were told to only expect 15% but somehow are getting all the $$. Doubt regular CPS will have such luck.