Monday, August 17, 2015

Rahm Channels His Inner-Orwell

Rahm Emanuel and CPS are gunning for a new entry in the Newspeak dictionary: Un-school.

Here's how Rahm and CPS would define Un-school: An open school that has no students, teachers, or staff.

Take the Moses Montefiore Specialty School, for example. Chicago Public Schools have pink-slipped all teachers in the building, but an assistant principal, clerk, and budget line item remain. It's not closed. Rahm is man of his word: no school closings from 2013 - 2018. Given this, Montefiore is the first, but probably not the last, un-school.

WCT wonders what charter, magnet, IB, STEM, or selective enrollment Montefiore will become. Certainly, after putting $1.4M towards renovations, it won't be empty for long. Even more certain is the Board puts no premium on helping those students who need it most but do recognize a neighborhood with condos abounding and all sorts of privatizing opportunities on the horizon.

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