Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 CPS Students Shot on Monday

Of the 33 people shot in Chicago during the week in progress, five are active CPS students:  Camelot Safe Academy, UNO Hector Garcia H.S., Bogan H.S., Englewood Academy H.S.and Mahalia Jackson E.S.  All five were shot on Monday 8/18.  And as usual, nobody with influence cares. Where's Rahm's outrage?  Where's Claypool's statement?

CPS students are scheduled to report to school on Sept. 8th.  We're assuming that the city is currently digging up some money to provide the requisite yard signs, door hangers and public service announcements urging CPS students to attend school.  And giving thanks that they had the foresight to stall on CTU contract negotiations in order to avert another fall strike.

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