Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another Stupid Idea

For a city going broke, Chicago certainly likes to celebrate
"The Chicago Cultural Mile Association says it's organizing what it calls the first-of-its-kind, all-day Chicago Halloween festival that'll end with the nighttime parade. The inaugural event is scheduled for Oct. 24.  
Among those who are playing a role in the organization is the Field Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The city's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events is also involved. 
In remarks prepared for a Tuesday announcement, the Chicago Cultural Mile Association's president, J.R. Davis, says he wants the festival to "become an iconic annual event" in the city."
We hope the Chicago Cultural Mile Association has consulted with the organizers of the 1st Great Chicago Fire Festival to learn about the, ahem, pitfalls of trying to create "iconic cultural events" in the city. We also wonder how much the city is secretly going to give this organization since spending money on a celebration of ghosts and ghouls seems bad form when the city's budget deficit is growing daily.

And let's count the Cultural Mile Association among the groups who have money to spend on floats, costumes, give-aways, but not on any Donors Choose requests.

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