Sunday, August 16, 2015

More Trib Truth Distortion

As expected, the Trib published today another front page story designed to turn the public against those greedy pigs who collect a pension.

The headline reads:  Pension spikes cost taxpayers millions

To "prove" that Illinois taxpayers are being cornholed out of their hard-earned cash by greedy retirees, the Trib cites the cases of 511 Illinois outliers who have managed to work the system to their unfair advantage.  What the Trib wouldn't want the public to know about pensions, however, is the truth:

Illinois membership in the state's various pension systems:  961,952 people

The Trib's 511 pension thieves as percentage of total membership:  0.0531%

Average Illinois pension benefit: $ 2,012 per month

Probability that Tribune Watchdog reporters are servants to Rahm + Rauner's interests: 100%

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