Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shill Spotlight on: Sandy Stuart!

Bruce Rauner, running on a platform of shaking things up in Springfield, proves he's all talk and more business as usual with his latest appointment of Republican donor and rainmaker Alexander "Sandy" Stuart to the Teacher Retirement System Board. The president of North Star Investments only interest in teachers is likely directing funds and associated fees to his investment firm.

Plutocrat credentials: Heir to the Quaker Oats fortune, his father was the former ambassador to Norway, and he made Wedding Page of the New York Times.

Quirky plutocrat hobby: Member of a capella singing group the Buckthorns.

Illinois Public School credentials: Zero. Graduate of Hotchkiss (1:5 teacher-to-student ratio, current tuition $53,000), Princeton, and Harvard.

Outlook on public schools: Murky. A trustee of the St. Andrews School - Delaware, where full tuition is $55,500.

Philanthropic do-gooding: Stuart Family Foundation, Chair of Chicago Public Media, Director of Northwestern Memorial Lake Forest Hospital.

Current home value: $2,638,333.00

Stuart joins some illustrious appointee-shills in the Rauner's universe: rooftop opportunist pastor Corey Brooks and Democrat flip-flopper Rev. James Meeks.

Rock on, Sandy Stuart!

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