Sunday, July 5, 2015

CPS Waste, Exhibit D: Tim Cawley and AUSL

In response to a reader's suggestion, we've turned our attention to big league cornholer Tim Cawley, Chief Administrative Officer for CPS and former leader of AUSL turnaround schools.

  • CPS Salary: $215,000.000
  • Community of Residence: Winnetka
  • Value of Winnetka home: $2,650,000.000
  • Reason why he lives outside of Chicago: papal dispensation residency waiver
  • Reason why he can afford $2 mil home: Aramark kick-backs
  • Amount that Cawley's botched Aramark deal cost CPS: $7 million
  • Cawley's previous ed experience: AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership) Managing Director; AUSL is a "non-profit [wink wink] that partners with CPS to turn around chronically-failing schools."
  • Amount of $$ funneled into AUSL by Chicago Public Education Fund while Cawley has been employed by CPS: $1,080,000.00 
  • Per diem fees charged by AUSL for staff members' time: $1000 - $3000 based on staff member senority
Current Donors Choose begging pleas posted by teachers AUSL Turnaround Schools (A-D only) that Tim Cawley has tran$formed:

AUSL Turnaround School:  Curtis School of Excellence

  • $479: double-wide teaching easel with magnetic upper and lower-case letters

AUSL Turnaround School: Dvorak School of Excellence
  • $395: pencils, filler paper, dry erase markers
  • $670: document camera
  • $275: desktop computer
  • $334: iPad Mini
AUSL Turnaround School: Deneen School of Excellence
  • $528: math games library, dry erase markers
  • $469: dictionaries and thesauri
Tim Cawley's answer to the question, "What are you passionate about personally?": "Helping those less fortunate."

If you weren't schooled about Tim Cawley prior to reading, it should now be clear that his excellence lays in his duplicity.

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