Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Idiotic Piece from Ed Reform Now

Chad Aldeman, Washington D.C.education policy analyst who has spent zero hours working in any capacity in any type of school, recently published a really stupid essay on Ed Reform Now's blog.  A few highlights:

  • With Congress debating the future of educational policy, here's a thought-provoking statistic: American adults in the 1940's had the same odds of being a high school graduate as today's Americans have of being a college graduate.
  • Beyond the pure shock value of this dramatic shift, it begs the question of whether the two rates will grow at the same rates.  Will we boost college attainment rates in this century as fast as we increased high school attainment rates in the last century?
Perhaps these statistics are thought-provoking and shocking for people who have never been inside an actual school for any length of time.

But for those of us who have experience in a field known as "teaching," it's quite simple:
  1. Public high school teachers are not permitted to fail students anymore in inner-cities
  2. High school grades have been drastically inflated for the past 30 years
  3. High school graduation rate data in inner-cities is very easily manipulated
  4. A high school diploma now means nothing 
  5. Students from inner-cities are pushed to attend college by smug elites because all other viable alternatives have been eliminated
  6. Students from inner-cities arrive to college without the necessary skills
  7. Students who are unprepared for college drop out
Chad Aldeman, you're a fucking idiot.  

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