Friday, July 31, 2015

CPS Engineers, Beware

From the comments:

"Rumor has it that CPS is planning on laying off all of the engineers in November, at which point, they will have to reapply for their jobs. Rumor also has it that Mr. Cawley is looking to eliminate 200 engineers, as per his "brown bag lunch" webinar (is this the correct term). The feeling that Mr. Cawley has, is, that 300 engineers can take care of some 600 buildings, based upon his suburban model. That model means that, according to him, the engineers who are rehired will be pulled out of their schools and report to the high schools, then fan out to the elementary schools for work orders.

It's funny that a company that hasn't been relevant since the mid-90s, Motorola, is suddenly the blueprint for an aging guy from Winnetka who does not live in the city, never really got out of middle-management, to implement changes for the school buildings."

CPS management, and Tim Cawley specifically, appears hard at work, yet again, dismantling any and all facets of a functional school system. In the process, they seem dead-set on destroying any vestige of union involvement in any part of our schools. Local 143 has been part of CPS since 1863, and if Tim Cawley has his way that tradition may be greatly altered. Time will tell...

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  1. It's not even a matter of tradition here, dear blogger. It's the fact that they have spent so much money in all of the wrong places, pensions notwithstanding. Did you know about a company known as GWS? They were given how many millions of dollars to mediate the closing of the 50 closed schools. All they did was provide boxes and take equipment from the kitchens, along with workers leaving the doors open to schools and the schools being looted. Many of the closed schools will cost more to tear down than they would had they stayed open. It's a maddening situation.

    Rahm and company want to crash and burn the system, so as to get everything under that whole charter banner. It's an absolute joke.