Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reminder: Its All About the Children.

Although ed reformers haven't yet figured out how to revise the lifeless language that their brand of orthodoxy requires, they have mastered one integral part of their message:  It's All About the Children.

Let's have a look at the yearly salaries of some well-known charter operators in their $ervice of children:

  • NYC Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz:  $567,000.00
  • Washington D.C. Friendship Charters CEO Donald Hense: $356,478.00
  • New Orleans Lusher Charters CEO Kathy Reidlinger: $316,306.00
  • Detroit Cornerstone Schools CEO Clark Durant: $450,000.000

As a basis of comparison, nurses in Chicago Public Schools make, on average,  $49,000.00 per year, or 24 dollars per hour, which is 9 more dollars per hour than the 15 dollar per hour minimum wage that many fast-food workers are currently advocating for.

In Chicago, the most politically corrupt city in the U.S., it easier for charter operators to keep their profits private.  In fact, reporters at the Chicago Reader sent FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests to 34 of the biggest Chicago charter operators.  Unlike Trib reporters, Reader reporters were curious about Chicago charter salary and payroll information.  Not surprisingly, the Reader's request for information yielded zero results.

This is very reassuring to all Chicago ed profiteers, including One Chance Illinois, the Chicago Public Education Fund, and uber-profiteer Ken Griffin.  Because, as we know, their efforts are All About the Children.


  1. Wow, Chicago charter CEOs are practically paupers compared to those salaries. No wonder they're righteous about it. Btw, the CEO at Passages made $257,000 a couple years ago (and doubt makes more now). Not bad for a single campus with only 426 students.

    1. Thanks once again for your informative comments, and WCT can see how Chicago charter CEOs want a bigger piece of the pie. Thanks for the valuable work you do for CHIActs. In solidarity!