Thursday, June 25, 2015

CPS Waste: The Talent Office Pt. 2

Recent reporting by the Trib refers to CPS's financial crisis as "appalling."  We find much that is appalling in CPS, including the Newspeak renaming of the Human Resources office as the "Talent Office."

More appalling facts:

  • Number of employees at CPS's Talent Office:  206
  • Combined salaries of all Talent Office employees:  14, 436, 239.00  
  • Notable Broad Resident Profiteer currently at CPS Talent Office:  Traci Thibodeaux
  • Ms. Thibodeaux's prior corporate experience:  Sales Finance Manager at Frito Lay
  • Frito Lay's former blunder:  Olestra fat substitute
  • Unpleasant Olestra side effect:  anal oil leakage

Clearly, Ms. Thibodeaux's Frito Lay experience will assist her and her ilk in their continued cornholing of CPS teachers and students.

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