Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Broke You Say?!

Chicago Tribune headline, June 14, 2015: "Emanuel prepares to borrow $1.1B to juggle Chicago debt, pay bills."

Chicago Tribune headline, June 23, 2015: "Chicago to replace Navy Pier Ferris wheel with taller one." 

A Navy Pier Inc. spokesperson assures readers that public funds will not used to finance this $26.5M project, instead Fifth Third Bank will foot the bill. Passengers on the new luxury wheel will be able to recline in both heated and air-conditioned luxury as the gondolas drift over the financial ruin that might be Chicago depending on who needs the money.

This brings to mind many questions, but chief among them, just how good are the corporate tax breaks and loopholes that companies have so much to give away? Also, how many palms will be greased throughout this project?

Money for a bigger Ferris wheel, but no money for education, CPD, CFD, or anti-violence initiatives? Got it.

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