Tuesday, January 14, 2014

REACH Evaluations

A reader emails that teachers' REACH evaluation ratings are being discussed at their school.

They relate that recently a tenured, well-liked, highly-respected and extremely nice teacher with two Master's degrees and National Board Certification received a "Developing" rating in all categories.  Hmmm.  Our reader wonders if maybe the teacher's colleagues have missed something in the years they've worked with this person or if it's the principal who suddenly doesn't like paying a teacher with 2 Master's degree and National Board Certification thanks to per-pupil-spending?

We've also recently heard of all sorts of REACH deviltry on behalf of administrators who come in multiple times for an unannounced, informal observation and then choose the visit that will "count." When do we get to drop in our administrator's office, watch them, and then decide how they're ranked?

CPS teachers, how are REACH evaluations going in your school?  Email interesting information to wct.tips@gmail.com

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