Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Corporate Police Reform: Cha-ching?

We at WCT like to wonder "what if?"  The "what if?" question for today is:

What if education reformers applied the same ideas to police departments?

Corporate Reform Efforts
Public Schools
Police Departments
Examine data
Student performance: low test scores reveal failure in inner-city schools.
Crime: high crime reveals failure in inner-city neighborhoods
Determine parties responsible for failure
teachers, schools
police officers, police departments
Initial action regarding failure
Offer corporate-sponsored charter school replacements for failing inner-city public schools
Offer corporate-sponsored alternate police squads for failing inner-city neighborhoods
Policies regarding older, tenured staff
Replace with young grads of selective universities with no policing experience
Policies regarding leadership
Train corporate-style administrators who have no educational experience in fast-track programs
Train corporate-style leaders who have no police experience in fast-track programs
Policies regarding standards
Assume that all American children -- regardless of location, background, socio-economic status, and English language proficiency -- will learn the same skills at the same time, given proper instruction
Assume that all American people -- regardless of location, background, and socio-economic status -- will behave in a cooperative, compliant and law-abiding manner, given proper police supervision
Policies regarding accountability
1. Schools that serve students with low test scores are threatened with punitive measures

2. Teachers’ salary increases tied to improvement in students’ test scores.
1. Police departments that serve communities with high crime rates are threatened with punitive measures.

2. Police officers’ salary increases tied to reduction in crime rates.

Maybe some Chicago ed reformers or thought partners could contact CPS to make a pitch!  Maybe they could go for a ride-along and offer advice on how to lean into discomfort, how to socialize all shareholders into the informational experience, and how to promote excellence and rigor?


  1. What if? Rahm already wants to punish the police along with all other Chicago public employees with draconian pension cuts.

  2. Shocking comparison that points out the ridiculousness of what people assume others to be capable of-compliance given enough policing or learning given enough instruction. I guess that scumbag rapist from the NW side who a judge RELEASED needs more supervision to comply with the very basic laws of society. Goddamned crazy.