Monday, January 6, 2014

You Did Great...No You Did!

Rahm Emanuel and his righthand gal B3, as he affectionately calls her, spent Monday congratulating themselves for their hands-on absentee response to  ChiBeria.

We don't need to remind anyone about Chicago's descent into the Arctic. However, for most of the weekend it appeared nobody at CPS knew what they were doing. Only after Karen Lewis logically, rationally, and rightly called for schools to close did anything happen. If B3 did have a plan, she kept it as well-hidden as she was.

It's common knowledge that Rahm, Karen, and B3 don't get along. Today's press conference proves again just how little Rahm & B3 think of Karen Lewis, CTU members, and CPS families. PR managers we're not, but WCT has some tips for the people who run our schools:

1. Thank the people (Karen Lewis and those who took to social media) who finally forced your hand and saved you from a PR nightmare of Bilandic proportions.

2. Pretend the decision was a team decision between CPS and CTU instead of giving zero credit to the lobbying CTU did on behalf of the families they serve.

Some of the other doozies from today's press conference include:
  • Rahm punting the first question about closing schools to B3. Her lingo got away from her as she referred to the "veracity of the winds" and being "in consultation with our cross-functional teams." She also managed to call the public liars for thinking that CPS publicized schools being open on Monday as early as Friday.
  • B3 pulling the old amnesiac routine when asked if the CTU campaign to close schools had any influence on her decision. She looked thoroughly baffled as she muttered, "Teachers...teachers..." before telling a big whopper and stating she was not aware the CTU even issued a statement, and further, such a statement didn't matter to her. We're curious to know if B3 is aware unions represent the working class, who also happen to vote and occasionally like to feel they matter.
  • Rahm's condescending and irritated response to questions of where he was as this was happening. He did admit he was on "holiday" with his family, but came off rather spoiled when he said he was in contact with his advisers so frequently that his family would question whether he was really vacationing. Oh, the plight of a working dad!
  • Rahm admitting he knew the Lab Schools his kids attend were closed before he knew CPS was. He used this as an opportunity to tout the fact preparations for an event such as this "don't just develop," but instead have been in the works since August. Really? If so, then you'd think closing the schools would have been a no-brainer on Saturday or Sunday morning, rather than Sunday evening.
  • Rahm & Co. charging off the stage as questions about CTA staffing and the timing of the school closing announcement persisted.
We have a hunch that somehow all of this is going to come back and bite teachers in the ass. 

Undoubtedly, Rahm and B3 found the real protestations over student safety to be just another plea from teachers who they value little and view as selfish and whiny. No matter what will be said later, our organization spoke up loud and long before CPS leaders did.

What's your take on the press conference and the city's handling of CPS's closure? Leave a comment or email 

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