Sunday, January 5, 2014

Myles Mendoza's Campaign Against Anonymity

Looks like we hit a nerve with our post on Myles Mendoza's ed reforming and choice-promoting devilry. First, he quickly changed his Twitter page from the original to an updated version (which oddly links "school choice" to support of abortion rights).

Next, he emailed us:
"Knowing you see [my efforts] as combative towards you and/or traditional education as you see it, I wanted to ask you to coffee or lunch to listen to your views, and if possible ask you to hear my imperfect perspective"
We responded (mollified by his pseudo-humility):
"Thanks for your kind email. If you've had a look through Windy City Teachers, you might have noticed that we have chosen to remain anonymous.  For that reason, we're unable to accept your invitation to meet in person, however, we are open to communication electronically, if that interests you."
We also posed a question:
"In your case, we are suspicious of Rupert Murdoch's funding of Education Reform Now, the group you worked for in Denver.  As you read in our post, we also strongly disagree with several of your claims regarding Chicago and CPS.  If you would be interested in further communication, we wonder if you would provide more information regarding your claim that "unfunded liabilities" are one of the results, rather than one of the causes, of under-performance in CPS?  We understand unfunded liabilities in Chicago to include the pensions of CPS, CPD, Streets and San, Cook County Sheriffs, Cook Country Forest Preserve, the Fire Dept., CTA and the Park District.  As the city nears junk bond status, can you further explain your beliefs regarding CPS's role in Chicago's fiscal disaster?  And can you explain how charter expansion will resolve this problem?"
Myles's response to our question:
"I appreciate the response.  My intention for reaching out was really to bring down the wall of anonymity.  That was my goal with you and an offer than will stand should you ever choose to take me up on it.  Warm regards and may you succeed in improving kids [sic] educational quality."
Perhaps picturing himself in league with the heroes who tore down the Berlin Wall, Myles is continuing to rail against the wall of anonymity during his Internet research of himself, as seen in his comment on Diane Ravitch's post about our blog.

Being an (albeit minor, at least for now) educational profiteer, Myles Mendoza is secure in his position of power, since he wears the educational bohemian bourgeois cloak that makes him irreproachable. Myles has the luxury of confidently pontificating his opinions on choice, excellence, high expectations, rigor, and tran$formation.

Unlike Myles, we are teachers.  We are not in positions of power.  It is understandable that the bohemian bourgeois might not understand the realities of not being powerful, even though they do enjoy buying local, $erving (but not living near) the poor , identifying with the common man,  and using heart-warming photos of cute minority kids for promotional purposes.

For that reason, we have laid out the consequence of not remaining anonymous:
  1. We might lose our jobs.  Permanently.  
We hope that Myles Mendoza might be willing to reconsider his unwillingness to provide an electronic answer to our question:  How has CPS ruined Chicago and why are charters the answer?

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  1. Myles grew up in Palatine and had a fine public education.His own brother is a public school teacher (or was last I heard), I wonder why he is so pro charter now. I can only imagine it is the $$$s that brought him back to IL.