Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahm and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Tough Job

Rahm Emanuel let everyone in on a secret at the St. Regis hotel today: being mayor of the third largest city in America is hard! But worry not, darlings, he loves it! After referring to D.C. as a crap town a few days ago, he sings all of his many accomplishments as mayor here: the longer school day he couldn't quite afford, the skyrocketing murder rate, the mostly functioning new Red Line renovation, and improving parks that were fine to begin with. Yes, Rahm's been busy!

Since Rahm is always talking tough about pensions, especially those of the CPD and CFD, we were surprised at his upbeat take on everything: "because while there's a lot of tough issues, you can actually move the needle significantly." That's the spirit!

A quick review of how he's "moved the needle" recently:

We wonder if the crowd he was speaking to--the change loving Center for American Progress --knew that Rahm's "moving the needle significantly" means moving it in the wrong direction?

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