Sunday, October 13, 2013

GEMS: Your friendly neighborhood school

Did you get your invite to the GEMS Meets Chicago Launch festival on Friday? Yeah, neither did we. We were shocked we weren't invited since the world is our neighborhood. We were really jealous when we read about all of their thoughtfully global activities:

"The face painters are creating animals from around the world, there's a coloring contest with flags from all the countries with GEMS schools, and at our tie dye station, kids can learn about the techniques of fabric dyeing used around the world." Did the kids also learn about various child labor indignities or gross educational inequities in countries with GEMS schools? Kidding! We know that's not what's meant by an international vibe.

We've always thought you paid for a neighborhood school with your tax dollars. Wrong again! GEMS is special in that way, too. Sending your child there for their amazingly, corporate-y, international-y schooling will run you (in total): $464,000.00. That's a lot for face painting and tye-dyeing, isn't it, darling?

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