Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Halloween Spook-tacular!

Starring: Rahm Emanuel, BBB, and the Chicago Board of Education

Co-starring: School Choice

Featuring special guest: High standards

Just when we thought school closings were over, here comes news that Ames Middle School will become another branch of Marine Math & Science. Seems like a school closing to us, but maybe everyone just considers it some rebranding! It's a good thing BBB announced earlier this month the new, new rules on school closings!

Rahm is trying to silence all the whiners about TIF by bribing parents with $ 7 million in upgrades. We're to infer that rebranding means Marine Math & Science can deliver better results. And choice.

Let's look at how well Marine is doing on those test scores: 34% of Marine students meet or exceed Reading standards, and 31% of Marine students meet or exceed Math standards.

Compare that to Ames, where 36% of students meet or exceed Reading standards, and 39% meet or exceed Math standards.

Since Rahm & Co. are so big on tests, you'd think all of their number-crunchers would have pointed out that Ames scores are even a little higher. We're not the fairness police, but if one school is deemed low performing in the press, then the other one with nearly identical scores, should be, too.

Trick or treat, citizens!

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