Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reclaim Reform on Monday

Where's the holiday spirit?

It's no secret that we at WCT are pro-public schools, pro-student, pro-teacher, and pro-union. 

We've begun to document the various private interests (and there are many) at work against public school students, families, and teachers. Simply, public schools should remain public.

We're also realists at WCT, and know that public schools face many difficulties and need to make changes. Instead of being told what those changes will be, teachers would like a voice, too.

Monday, December 9th, is day to stand behind our neighborhood schools and push for better, while saying no to the corporate interests increasingly entangled in our schools. Some teachers plan to wear the color blue in support, and we think that's a great idea, too.

There are events taking place across the country, and in Chicago that means meeting up at City Hall. However you choose to show your support for reclaiming reform, just show your support.

Leave a comment here or drop us a line at to tell us how you showed your support!

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  1. This is part of the nation wide attack on teacching, and more impotrantly government unions! You see how just today the cta is blaming the union for THEM firing 65 second chance workers! And why, the cta will not hire them and pay fair wage for their work! I ride the cta daily and busses and trains cannot afford to not have the inside cleaned. Wanting more for less seems to be the new american way. Amerucan dream is dead, unless you want to move to china...