Friday, December 6, 2013

Boot Lickers

We're taking about boot-lickers in general terms:  people who are excessively subservient to authority figures and who participate in the oppression of their own group. In schools, some teachers kiss administrative ass thoroughly, effectively, and reflexively. Like all boot-lickers, they generate disgust amongst non-ass-kissers because of their flattery and their obsequiousness.  Furthermore, urban school boot-lickers usually show a strong thirst for corporate tran$formation ideas.

After observation, we have identified some qualities common to boot-licking teachers:
  • Students don't like them
  • They like talking about data, norms, cultures of excellence and our favorite, rigor
  • They like to disapprove when other teachers appear to be enjoying themselves excessively, particularly if the revelry seems unconnected to success in the classroom  
  • They like to martyr themselves, Christ-like, to the job of generating and evaluating data
  • They like meetings, meetings about meetings, and administrative direction of their prep periods
  • They perceive their own boot-licking as honorable and heroic
For further assistance in spotting a boot-licking teacher, look for someone who:
  • Has an assertive yet confrontational personality; a wanna-be Alpha
  • Has questionable eye contact (either shifty eyes or uncomfortable, steely contact)
  • Spends a lot of non-meeting time with administration
  • Normal teachers avoid 
CPS teachers, are you aware of any boot-licking teachers in your school?  If so, comment on this post or email us at

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