Friday, December 6, 2013

A Work Culture of Bleh

As you know, we at WCT have chosen to remain anonymous; we love our students and would like to keep our jobs.  While we are engaged in a variety of research and documentation regarding corporate educational profiteering in CPS, we also have a few gripes regarding the work culture at our school.  It's pretty joyless.

Sure, we have posters promoting a "culture of excellence," and we like to think that we ourselves have pretty high expectations for the quality of the teaching and learning that's going on.  Nevertheless, our workplace could use a few shots of fun.  The current conditions are about as fun as a glass of room-temperature tap water.  For example:
  • When they're not looking at the ground, most teachers wear either pained or blank expressions as they scuttle through the halls
  • New non-tenured teachers spout edu-babble in every conversation to appease administrators
  • Very little friendly socializing
  • Non-directed teacher time kept to the absolute minimum
  • No common room for staff
  • Nowhere to buy something to eat or drink except the student line -- not even a vending machine
  • No more holiday parties 
  • Meetings about meetings
  • Forms to be filled out for every conceivable reason
  • No laughing; smiling is polite, appropriate, and controlled


Teachers, how's the work culture at your school? Leave a comment or drop us a line at

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