Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reform Hits Fire Festival

Redmoon Theater must be in the midst of reform. Their Kickstarter page for the 2nd Annual Great Chicago Fire Festival House Burning Festival is awash in reform-y buzzwords:

"The Great Chicago Fire Festival is a celebration of Chicago’s neighborhoods, and of the spirit of grit and resilience in its citizens. Last year’s Fire Festival wasn’t everything that we wanted it to be. We spent months in neighborhoods all over Chicago celebrating the grit and resilience of our city’s people, and were able to bring many of the talented artists we met along the way to the riverfront with us to share their work. Unfortunately, our failure to ignite overshadowed the festival’s seven months of programming and the amazing work by our community collaborators."

Grit. Reslience. Amazing work. Community collaborators. Yep, a Thought Partner is moonlighting at Redmoon Theater. Perhaps their Thought Partner suggested they get the full reform experience by having to beg for supplies, too, as they are on the artist equivalent of Donors Choose.

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