About WCT

Windy City Teachers are two Chicago Public School teachers who've noticed increasing isolation, dismay, and angst among teachers and staff within schools. At the same time, we've noticed an increasing emphasis on reform schemes, testing, and privatization encroachment.

This blog hopes to be by the teachers, for the teachers, and of the teachers of CPS! This can't happen without your voice.  We want to know what we've gotten right or wrong, and what we should be paying attention to, so please tell us. We hope this blog becomes a resource for teachers.

The mainstream media, and often CPS administration, choose to ignore reality, so we want to hear your stories and what you think we should be writing about, too. Please leave a comment on our blog or email tips and story suggestions to: wct.tips@gmail.com.

We are unabashedly pro-teacher, pro-union, and pro-public schools. This doesn't mean we don't believe there are fixes to be made, but we are disgusted by the wholesale changes other people are trying to force on our profession.


  1. I'm a city worker and avid reader of scc. Thank you for creating this site. I will try to get my co-workers on board.

  2. Please consider some pieces on the Chicago Gulen charter schools. They are the Chicago Math and Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy Belmont and the Horizon Science Academy Mckinley. 60minutes CBS and the Washington Post have covered gulen charters, the largest charter provider in the U. S.

  3. Why don't you post your names? Fear is how the boss rules.
    Jim Vail