Thursday, July 2, 2015

Whiners, Swine and ... Beggars

The public's perception of CPS teachers is that we're whiners, pigs and greedy thugs, thanks to the media's effective manipulation and the complexity of our district's financial problems.  However, we at WCT would like the public to know that we are also beggars.

Donors Choose is an online charity where American public and charter teachers can post "classroom project requests," and if they're lucky, their project will be funded.  Funding donations are completely tax-deductible. If you're imagining that teachers are hoping to take students to France or to purchase top-of-the-line microscopes, you're wrong.

Some current requests posted on Donors Choose:
  • $264 for ink cartridge replacements, Lindblom Math Science Academy
  • $354 for calculators, Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy
  • $309 for a carpet, Dawes Elementary School
  • $356 for a nurse's office refrigerator, Dawes Elementary School
  • $1,230 for projector and screen, Gage Park High School
  • $269 for pencils, mechanical sharpener and caddies, James Otis Elementary School

Meanwhile, Heather Y. Anichini, President and CEO of the Chicago Public Education Fund, makes $292,833.00 per year overseeing the Fund's funneling of cash to the usual racketeers, kick-back artists, cronies, and ed reform profiteers.  They claim that their "inve$tment portfolio has improved outcomes for the children they serve."  Right.

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