Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Horrible CPS Bosses

Even though National Boss's Day was in October, it's never too late to note all of the ways one's boss can make life miserable. Yes, we all know about horrible bosses all over Chicago who are horrible in conventional ways, like sexually harassing their employees, refusing to let people have a day off to take care of a sick kid, or handing out the layoff notice.  But what about horrible CPS bosses?  Are they really very different from their corporate counterparts? Yes and no, readers.

Forbes published a list of behaviors horrible corporate bosses might share, and sure enough principals we know have picked up on bad corporate behavior like:
  • Never being wrong about anything (check!)
  • Constant staff turnover (check!)
  • Being the Micromanager of micromanaging. With 100 teachers in a building, your principal has a hand in what everyone is doing (check, check, and check!)
  • Turmoil in one's personal life due to "the job." (double check!)
  • Never saying thanks (check!)
Here's a starter list of some horrible things we've seen and heard administrators doing:
  • Sneaky "re-definition" as a way to fire tenured teachers
  • Keeping a special bathroom just for their own use
  • Making female teachers cry at meetings
  • Standing by the time clock as staff are punching in and out
  • Getting rid of staff rooms 
  • Sitting in a teacher's room for "quiet" while a class is going on
  • Cryptic advice that means nothing, yet is expected to be followed
  • Self-congratulatory "inspirational" quotes that are doled out at every turn
  • Disapproval of teachers enjoying a life outside of the school building
Readers: what horrible boss stories do you have? Use the comment link to share!

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