Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Double-Secret Meeting

Dean Vernon Wormer calls a meeting

We can't help but wonder if Wednesday's Board of Education closed session for "self-evaluation" was led by the illustrious thought partners who are populating many schools these days.

Perhaps David Vitale and the Board had to answer questions like:
  • Do you think you have high standards for the students?
  • What's the rhythm of the protocol rollout going to be?
  • Are you willing to be vulnerable in a public space?
  • Will you lean into discomfort with us?
and our perennial favorite:
  • Do you like being healthy?
Or, maybe they did an icebreaker called Link Up, where one person stands up to talk about themselves, and then when another person hears something that relates to them, they run up to the front of the room and link arms. Then that person talks, until another person hears something that relates to them. Finally, the whole room is linked up in the knowing communal bliss of being one. What do you think the magic words were that had the Board linking arms, readers? We guess "rich" and "Rahm's appointee."

We do hope the BOE abided the fundamental rule of Thought Partner share time: Stories stay, but lessons leave. 

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