Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spotlight on Angela Schiavitti!

Move over, Myles Mendoza – WCT’s spotlight is on Angela Schiavitti!

Myles Mendoza’s organization, One Chance Illinois, offers abundant opportunities for socialites, educational profiteers and aspiring politicians to congratulate themselves on solving poverty through promoting urban charters and vilifying the unions who protect teachers' due process rights.

Let’s shine some light on Mendoza's pick for Board Member: Angela Schiavitti!
  • Years spent as an urban teacher:  0
  • Years spent as an urban administrator: 0
  • LinkedIn Professional Description:  "Independent Education Management Professional"
  • LinkedIn evidence of any experience in any field relating to directly educating children: 0
  • One Chance Illinois:  Board of Directors - Community Leader
  • Community of Residence:  Hinsdale, IL
  • Average home value in Hinsdale IL:  $767,500
  • Description of Ms. Schiavitti's Hinsdale home:  6 bedroom, $ 2.4 million dollar value
  • School where her children likely attend:  Hinsdale Central High School (neighborhood public school)
  • Alternative charter choices to Hinsdale Central High School: 0
  • Sample of English courses offered at Hinsdale Central High School: Rhetoric, Discussion & Debate
  • Ironies hopefully apparent to Hinsdale Central high school students enrolled in Discussion & Debate:
    • Non-educator using vast wealth to advise in favor of limiting due process rights for public teachers
    • Community Leader for urban education reform residing in 2.4 million dollar home in an exclusive and elite community insulated from all factors causing dysfunction in urban schools
    • Community Leader advocating for replacing neighborhood public schools with charters -- except in her community

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