Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Broad Institute: Infiltrating Urban School Districts Nation-wide

Think they have a high opinion of themselves?

Twenty-one of the nation's seventy-five largest school districts have superintendents or other highly-placed central office executives who have undergone Broad Institute training; BBB is a Broad grad.  Arne Duncan used to be on the Broad Foundation's board. Their goal is to "transform urban public education" through venture philanthropy. Meaning:  entrepreneur and charter school money-making opportunities (teachers exempt). Included in their list of "75 Examples of How Bureaucracy Gets in the Way" are the following digs:
"Students are not engaged because the curriculum or instruction they receive is not interesting or relevant."
"The bar for teaching and learning is low." 
"Teachers do not have the training or experience they need to keep an entire classroom of students disciplined, focused on, and excited about learning." 
"Teachers expect less of students with certain backgrounds, income levels or other family variables and don't challenge them as much, which means those students never have the opportunity to reach their full potential."
Thanks for the insight, Broad.  We were wondering why our students are under-performing.

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